Required Behaviors for this Course

If you are new to online learning, you may find this style of learning invigorating but most assuredly, different from the traditional classroom courses. You can set your own pace within the guidelines of the course. You will learn by participating actively. You alone are responsible for your own learning; that means you must have the drive and discipline to see the course through as letters of successful completion are not given unless the coursework is completed.

Confidentiality must be respected regarding the discussion of cases or any other educational or learning matters. Learners must abide by the professional ethics of their professional association or licensing board.

Time Required to Complete the Course

You are encouraged to take this course at your own pace, however, you are expected to complete the course within the guidelines set forth by the NATI.

The North American Training Institute reserves the right to place a time limit on finishing the course. Please review the time requirements listed in the course description found at nati.org/oll/courselist.aspx and clicking on the course for which you are registered.

Once the time allowed has passed, it will be required to for the participant to submit a written request for additional time to complete the course. The request must clearly state the reason for the extension. The extension request will be for 30 days from the expiration date. The written request must be accompanied by a $50 administrative fee. NATI has included this time requirement as a motivating factor for completing this course as well as a matter of policy clarification.

Privacy Policies

The policy of the North American Training Institute is to respect the privacy of all course participants.  This privacy statement is intended to inform you of the ways in which we protect information you provide to us.

All personal information supplied to the NATI for communication purposes will remain confidential.

The content of all written work you submit to NATI is private and will not be shared outside the scope of grading without your permission.

Your assignments, scores on quizzes, and other submitted materials are confidential. They will not be released without your written permission.

We use the highest industry standard for security and secure online payments.

When you register details with us, make an order or access account details we use a secure server. Any data you give us is encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is an industry standard and is one of the best ways to ensure security for online details.

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Transfer Credits

Transfer credits will not be accepted due to the unique nature of NATI training.

Refund Policy/ Buyer’s Right to Cancel

Each student will be notified of acceptance/rejection in writing. In the event a student is rejected, all tuition, fees and other charges will be refunded.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, if a student given written notice of cancellation within five business days of the execution of the contract or day on which the student is accepted, then a complete refund is given regardless of whether the program has started.

If a student gives a written notice of cancellation after five business days of the execution of the contract or day on which the student is accepted, but before the start of the program b y the school, then all tuition, fees and other charges, except 15 percent of the total cost of the program (15% not to exceed $50.00) shall be refunded to the student.

If a student gives written notice of cancellation after the start of the period of instruction for which the student has been charged, but before completion of 75% of the period of instruction, then student is assessed a pro rata portion of the tuition, fees and all other charges based on the number of days in the term plus 25% of the total program cost (25% not to exceed $100).

Any notice of cancellation shall be acknowledged in writing within 10 business days of receipt of such notice and all refunds shall be forwarded to the student (or payer of the fees) within 30 business days of receipt of such notice.

This refund policy is not linked to any student conduct t policy and any promissory instrument shall not be negotiated prior to the completion of 50 percent of the course.

Written notice of cancellation shall take place on the date the letter of cancellation is postmarked or, in the case where the notice is hand carried, it shall occur on the date the notice is delivered to the school. The date of execution of the enrollment agreement shall be presumed to be the date of delivery of the notice of acceptance: and if delivered by mail, the postmark date of the letter of acceptance.

Short-term programs. Licensed schools conducting programs not exceeding 40 hours in length shall not be required to make a full refund once a program has commenced and shall be allowed to prorate any refund based on the actual length of the program as stated in the school catalog or advertisements and the number of hours attended by the student.

Student Complaint Procedure

The North American Training Institute student complaint procedure is available to all students who wish to have a concern resolved about a process of the courses not covered by existing policies.

The objective of the North American Training Institute complaint policy and procedures is to resolve concerns as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Prior to submitting a student complaint form, a student may email info@nati.org or write to: NATI, 314 West Superior Street, Ste 508, Duluth, MN 55802, outlining the nature of his/her concern. The student's complaint will be reviewed by NATI staff within 5 working days and a written response sent to the student via email or letter within 7 working days.

If the complainant is not satisfied with the resolution, an appeal may be made to the NATI Board of Directors utilizing a student complaint form [download here]. The appeal must reasonably establish that:

•  the established procedures were not properly followed; or

•  there was not adequate opportunity to present evidence; or

•  the evidence was not substantial enough to justify the decision.

A decision regarding the appeal will be conducted within 15 days with a notification to the complainant within 20 days. The decision of the appeal is final.

Conditions of Use

We may revise these terms and conditions at any given time. Users should check these terms and conditions periodically. By using this website you indicate that you understand our terms and conditions and that you accept them, including recent changes whether you have chosen to review them or not.