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My Parent Has A Gambling Problem…Hey! What About Me?

Hey! What About Me? is a comprehensive education, prevention and intervention guide targeting school counselors, teachers, school administration, after-school programs, Life-Skills programs, YWCA/YMCA, Boys and Girls Clubs and other kid helping counselors and organizations.

Hey! What About Me? is a fully integrated approach to:

  • Helping students whose parents have a gambling problem;
  • Identifying and effectively responding to underage gambling issues at an administrative level;
  • Teaching probabilities, odds and myths about gambling through age-appropriate, cartoon-formatted learning tools;
  • Preventing underage gambling; and
  • Preventing youth gambling problems.

Hey! What About Me? is not a curriculum – it is a comprehensive education, prevention and intervention guide targeting school counselors, teachers/school administration, after school programs, YWCA/YMCA, and other kid helping organizations.

For Whom is Hey! What About Me? Designed?

Hey! What About Me? is designed to assist students in elementary, middle and junior high school. Because Hey! What About Me? is not a curriculum, its core principles, and supportive materials may be adapted for use by an array of programs that children and youth attend... [more]

Elements and Cost of the Hey! What About Me? Guide

  1. Hey! What About Me? is an eight page guide for school counselors, teachers and other kid helpers who are concerned... [more]
  2. The Kids Don’t Gamble…Wanna Bet? Resource Guide is a 15 page booklet for teachers and parents. Information about why kids gamble, information for parents including what questions to ask... [more]
  3. Strategies to Diminish Problems Associated with Underage Gambling features a step-by-step, pro-active guide of recommended practices and administrative policies related to student gambling activities for use by... [more]
  4. The Real Stories DVD tells a story about a young person who... [more]
  5. The Kids Don’t Gamble…Wanna Bet? DVD dispels common gambling myths held by kids, such as the belief that playing poker or engaging in other forms of gambling is a good way to ‘get rich quick while having fun’... [more]
  6. For Additional Information about Hey! What About Me? and to learn more about what others say about NATI educational and prevention products…click here.

    Price: $250.00
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