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Learn to Ask the Right Questions

Warning signs associated with youth gambling:

Asking questions sincerely and answering them honestly may help some youths get past denial and acknowledge the existance of a gambling problem.

  • Do you think gambling is the most exciting activity you do?

  • Do you often spend your free time involved in gambling activities?

  • Do you try to prevent your family and friends from knowing how much you gamble?

  • Do your friends gamble? Are you considered part of the "gambling crowd?"

  • Do you often daydream about gambling?

  • Do you often gamble during lunch breaks, recess, after school hours, or on weekends?

  • Do you miss school or other important events due to gambling activities?

  • Do you often dream of solving your problems by making a big win?

  • Do you ever lie about whether you gamble or how much you lose?

  • Is gambling the main source of what you do to feel good about yourself?

  • Do you gamble alone?

  • Do you gamble with money that is supposed to be used for other reasons like lunch, bus fare, or clothes?

  • Have you ever borrowed money to gamble?

  • Have you ever stolen money or property in order to gamble or pay gambling debts?

  • Do you get upset or irritable if you are unable to gamble?

  • Do you most want to gamble when you are upset?

  • Do you often feel sad or guilty because you lost money gambling?

  • Is it hard for you to stop gambling after you lose money?

  • Do you often gamble longer than you wanted to and lose more money than you intended?

  • When gambling, do you tend to lose track of time or forget about everything else?

  • Do you find that thinking about gambling makes it hard for you to do school work?

If you can answer "Yes" to even a few of these questions, it may be time to look for help.

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